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'Rogue One' Gets a TV Show, Leia's Daughter Loves 'Episode IX,' and More Star Wars News
Don't worry, there are still plenty of 'Mandalorian' developments still afoot.

Thin, Flexible New Solar Cells Could Soon Line Your Shirt
A new kind of solar cell called a perovskite is improving rapidly, bringing the prospect of solar-powered vehicles, clothing, and windows closer to reality.

Now You Can Sequence Your Whole Genome for Just $200
Veritas is offering DNA reading, cheap, for two days. But most consumers don’t understand the difference between that and a 23andMe test.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Review: Movie Magic
This is the first consumer-oriented drone that actually earns the Pro name.

An Obscure Concealed Carry Group Spent Millions on Facebook Political Ads
The company spent more than $2 million on Facebook ads in the regulatory no-man's land of digital political ads.

What Infowars' Alex Jones and Voldemort Have in Common
We all suffer when platforms, their users, and governments fall for the tactics of attention-gamers.

Best Cookbooks (Fall 2018): José Andrés, Anissa Helou, Simone Klabin
This year's best food books reflect the importance of community, whether it's about saving the world or just understanding it a little better.

Black Friday 2018: Best Gaming Deals on PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and More
The best deals on consoles, controllers, headsets, and other gaming gear for Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo fans.

Trump's Apparent Aquaphobia Tops This Week's Internet News Roundup
Don't look now, but there's a sequel to the horror movie known as Last Week.

Women Pay More for Transit: This Week's Future of Cars News
Tesla, GM, and Nissan want to restore the fading tax credit for EVs; Waymo is almost ready to go; the Mustang gets electrified; and more car news.

Gear for Running a Faster Marathon: Shoes, Trackers, Sensors
These sensors and shoes—and a beet juice elixir—gave speed back to a slowing runner.

The Evolutionary Importance of Neutral vs. Adaptive Genes
For 50 years, evolutionary theory has emphasized the importance of neutral mutations over adaptive ones in DNA. Real genomic data challenge that assumption.

Using Airport and Hotel Wi-Fi Is Much Safer Than It Used to Be
You were right not to trust hotel and airport Wi-Fi a few years ago. But these days, it's (probably) fine.

Inside the Pricey War to Influence Your Instagram Feed
Instagram, YouTube—you name it. Influencers are being paid handsome sums to pitch you products in natural settings. That video you just watched? $50,000.

Julian Assange Charges, Japan's Top Cybersecurity Official, and More Security News This Week
Safer browsing, more bitcoin scams, and the rest of the week's top security news.

Space Photos of the Week: A Star Is Born After Gases Crash
Stellar nurseries seem cute, but they’re actually mini-Big Bangs.

Does 'Maniac' Really Need So Many Dream Sequences?
They're fun, but they're also a bit much.

The 13 Best STEM Toys for Kids That Will Make Learning Fun
We found math-filled and science-rich books, puzzles, coding kits, and more from brands including Amazon, Crayola, and Lego.

13 Early Black Friday (2018) Tech Deals: Echo, Dyson, OLED
Whet your appetite for holiday shopping with 13 of our favorite early Black Friday picks, from TVs and tablets to vacuums and more.

Make Thanksgiving Taste Like the Future With This Freeze-Dried Apple Pie
Rising-star chef Eric Rivera has an easy way to up your holiday game: using powdered freeze-dried foods to amplify the flavors in your favorite recipes.

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Top security tips revealed by industry experts
Tech professionals and executives share their top security tips for work--and home.

How to manage your passwords effectively with KeePass
​KeePass is a popular and free password management tool. Learn about the benefits and techniques to get the most of out of it.

Demand for new iPhones weaker than Apple expected, claims report
It seems that Apple is having a hard time forecasting what the demand for new iPhones will be, and is being forced to slash production orders as a result.

Want to earn over $100K? Check out these 7 remote tech jobs
The average telecommuter earns a higher median salary than an in-office worker, according to FlexJobs.

71% of consumers will shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Is your business ready?
Customers predict they'll spend an average of $420 between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, according to Deloitte.

Normalizing foreign data for Access
Getting flat-file data into an Access database is simpler than you think. A good grasp of the data and a few append queries are usually all it takes.

Raspberry Pi gets support for VLC media player with latest Raspbian update
The latest version of Raspbian, the default operating system for the family of low-cost computers, adds support for the popular open-source VLC media player.

Security warning: UK critical infrastructure still at risk from devastating cyber attack
Not enough is being done to protect against cyber attacks on energy, water and other vital services.

How DevOps will change in 2019 and beyond: 3 predictions
DevOps can improve organizational performance and quality. Here's how the workflow will evolve in the coming years.

3 major flaws in enterprise performance reviews, and how to fix them
More than 90% of employees want consistent feedback, but most companies have not updated goal setting procedures to match the current state of work.

New Windows 10 October 2018 Update bug breaks Apple iCloud
Those who run Apple iCloud on Windows 10 are being warned the October Update can prevent iCloud for Windows from updating or syncing Shared Albums.

12 operations roles with the greatest IT skills shortages, and how to fill them
Digital transformation efforts have put a strain on development, security, and operations teams, according to 451 Research and Polyverse.

AI platforms aim to ease information overload in healthcare and improve patient care
Read about two startups that are using machine learning to analyze medical data and distill the information for healthcare professionals, ultimately leading to more effective outcomes for patients.

SQL Server 2019 CTP 2.1: A first look
The next release of Microsoft's relational database is getting closer. We took it for a spin.

3 best practices for exploratory data visualizations
Exploratory data visualization is an exciting component of data science. Get tips on how your qualitative data scientists can build these visualizations.

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What we're buying: RetroStone's smart take on retro handheld gaming
The recent spate of retro "classic" consoles might be switching a new audience on to vintage games, but some of us never left them. For most, a $60 - $100 machine with a few flagship titles on it is probably enough to scratch the itch, but Managing E...

'FIFA' eSports league eMLS expands to 22 teams
eMLS, the FIFA eSports league of Major League Soccer, is getting ready to expand. Following a successful inaugural season earlier this year, the league run in parternship with EA Sports will head into 2019 with three new squads. Atlanta United, D.C....

Xiaomi takes over Meitu’s struggling selfie-focused phone business
Chinese selfie app and smartphone company Meitu announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Xiaomi. Going forward, Meitu will license its brand, technologies and hardware to China-based Xiaomi, and for upcoming smartphones, Xiaomi will...

Samsung's LED movie screens deliver more cinematic punch
To the surprise of many, Samsung last year unveiled a cinema LED screen that's ten times brighter than a projector. But it's been hard to actually see one, as they're installed in just a few cinemas around the world. Recently, Samsung demonstrated th...

Nissan boss who championed the Leaf EV arrested on tax charges
Carlos Ghosn, the CEO who guided Nissan through difficult times and masterminded the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, has reportedly been arrested in Japan and could soon be fired by Nissan. In an extraordinary news release, Nissan said that an in...

Snap's new program connects AR Lens creators with brands
You'll probably start seeing a lot more brand-sponsored AR Lenses on Snap. The platform has launched a program called Lens Creative Partners, which makes it easier for companies to find experienced AR Lens creators. Snap has already certified 30 crea...

Twitter goes incredibly meta for its UK Christmas ad
Twitter has a new Christmas ad highlighting how an infamous case of mistaken identity generates tens of thousands of conversations on its platform every year. It stars user @JohnLewis -- no, not the UK department store, but a lecturer at Virginia Tec...

If you like Smash, you’ll love 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'
It was inevitable that a new Nintendo console would spawn another installment in the storied Super Smash Bros. series. And now we're just weeks away from the return of the fun and frantic fighter that's been responsible for countless smiles, frayed f...

Google: Southeast Asia’s digital economy is surging
Google has begun looking beyond India to Southeast Asia for its "next billion" users. And its annual report on the region's internet economy gives us an insight as to why it's so crucial to the web giant. Home to 650 million people, Google projects S...

The Morning After: YouTube quietly adds free, ad-supported movies
Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to your (shorter!) week! This Monday, we're talking mystery objects in space, a makeshift laptop from Barnes & Noble and rumors about a midrange Pixel 3. We're also frozen by indecision over Black Fr...

Tim Cook defends Apple's search deals with Google
Apple's Tim Cook is always on hand to explain why his company is better at privacy than its rivals (read Google and Facebook), which have been mired in data scandals of late. When Cook said personal information is being "weaponized against us with mi...

Amazon Prime members can watch 'Aquaman' a week early
Aquaman has only appeared briefly in Batman v. Superman and as a member of the Justice League, and was one of the few good things in two pretty awful movies. As such, the character's first solo movie has more promise than other DC Extended Universe f...

Stealing a Tesla just got harder thanks to a new update
Last month, an unlucky Tesla owner managed to record his own Model S being stolen via a sneaky keyfob "relay" tablet hack, part of a wave of European thefts in which the vehicles were never recovered. Tesla has now fought back via a new Model 3 updat...

Eyelid glucose sensor might pick up where Verily left off
Just because Alphabet's Verily shelved its glucose-monitoring contact lens doesn't mean you're stuck without an unintrusive way to manage diabetes. IEEE Spectrum has discovered a recent study that shows promise for Dutch startup Noviosense's own wea...

Apple and Microsoft are fixing a serious iCloud bug in Windows 10
The return of Windows 10's October update wasn't welcome news for everyone. Microsoft says it's "working with Apple" to solve an iCloud for Windows bug that creates problems updating or syncing shared photo albums when using the latest Windows relea...

'Rainbow Six: Siege' ends year 3 with a new Morocco map
Ubisoft is winding down the third year of Rainbow Six: Siege with another big update that might take players out of their comfort zones. The developer's upcoming Operation Wind Bastion will add a free new Morocco map, Fortress, and two Moroccan char...

Rumored 'mid-range' Pixel 3 might include a headphone jack
Rumors have swirled for months of Google developing a lower-cost Pixel 3 that would offer the core experience at a lower price, and there might be evidence it's real. Rozetked (which posted accurate Pixel 3 XL leaks) claims to have obtained photos a...

Italian law requires domestic movies hit theaters before they stream
France isn't the only country particularly wary of streaming services. Italian Culture and Tourism Minister Alberto Bonisoli recently unveiled a law that would require all Italian-made movies to show in theaters before they reach Netflix, Prime Video...

Barnes & Noble's latest Nook tablet can turn into a makeshift laptop
Earlier in November, Barnes & Noble unveiled the Nook Tablet 10.1, a slate whose main appeal is its sheer value for money -- $130 gets you a 1,920 x 1,200 screen and 32GB of expandable storage. However, it may be the just-released accessories for...

Microsoft is selling Amazon Echo speakers in its stores (updated)
Microsoft's deepening relationship with Amazon's Alexa now extends to its stores. WalkingCat and others have noticed that Microsoft is carrying both the new Echo Dot and the regular Echo in its online and retail stores. The company isn't just support...

After Math: The anti-social network
It's not been a great week for the world's most expansive and invasive social site. Besides being temporarily knocked offline on Monday, the platform is hemorrhaging morale, struggling to address its ubiquitous disinformation issues (going so far as...

Strange interstellar object 'Oumuamua is tiny and very reflective
After no small amount of mystery, we're starting to understand more about 'Oumuamua, the first known interstellar object to visit the Solar System. A newly published study indicates that the object can't be that large, for one thing. As the Spitzer...

Ben Wander's quest to become a household name
Even casual video game fans know Sid Meier's name. They've seen it countless times, printed in sturdy text across every box in the Civilization series for the past 27 years, the most recent one being 2016's Sid Meier's Civilization VI. It's come to t...

Microsoft opens the door to native ARM apps on Windows 10
ARM-based Windows 10 devices have improved in performance, but the software is another story -- without official tools to write native 64-bit ARM apps, it's been difficult to help these machines reach their potential. That shouldn't be an issue afte...

First 'State of Decay 2' content update adds stealthy crossbows
If you thought State of Decay 2 was getting a bit stale even with a little DLC, relief is at hand. Undead Labs has released its expected free Zedhunter update, and it promises some significant changes to the gameplay in addition to extra missions --...