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Think Rivers Are Dangerous Now? Just Wait
Climate change could increase river flooding damage by as much as 1,000 percent, an ambitious new study finds.

The SurfSafe Browser Extension Will Save You From Fake Photos
Two UC Berkeley undergrads developed SurfSafe to alert people that their media diet is infected with misinformation, right when it happens.

Fitbit's Charge 3 Offers a New Take on an Old Tracker
The Charge 3's build, guts, and software features have changed enough to warrant serious consideration if you’ve been thinking about updating your Fitbit.

Zippin's Checkout-Free Retail Store Uses Cameras to Watch You Shop
A new startup is offering a new kind of retail experience. Instead of humans handling cash, it's all apps, smartphones, sensors, and computer vision.

Drive.ai Is the Self-Driving Startup Teaching Cars to Talk
Silicon Valley-based Drive.ai relies on machine learning to make its robots drive—and smart design to make them communicate.

Self-Driving Cars Should Look Down, Not Just Ahead
A Boston-based startup wants to equip AVs with ground penetrating radar, which they can use to identify exactly where they are.

The Globe-Trotting Show Bringing Science and Tech to Arab TV
In a given thirty minute episode, 4Tech's hosts might test for counterfeit medicines at a pharmacy in Ghana, try out a wetsuit in cold Russian waters, or peek into a zebrafish lab in Iceland.

The Persistent Myth of Speed and "Productivity"
It’s not immoral to want relief from being too slow, scared, or fat, but speed could set you up for brain damage and psychosis—and life-­draining repetition.

Building Stratolaunch, the Most Audacious Flying Machine Ever
Here's how alt-aviation wizard Burt Rutan and Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen set out to build a dual-fuselage beast that could haul rockets to the edge of space.

Schools Are Mining Students' Social Media Posts for Signs of Trouble
But should they?

This Week in Cars: Elon Musk and the Future of Tesla
As Elon Musk draws the wrath of investors and maybe the SEC, whither Tesla? Plus, the Boring Company heads to LA, and Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs tries to rethink the future of cities.

Omarosa's Possible Trump Tapes Top This Week's Internet News Roundup
There are more tapes than people originally thought, apparently.

How to Protect Your Phone Against a SIM Swap Attack
Your phone number is increasingly tied to your online identity. You need to do everything possible to protect it.

The History of 'It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature'
It's an acknowledgment, half comic, half tragic, of the ambiguity that has always haunted computer programming.

Tired of Twitter? Join Me on Mastodon
Forget Twitter's truncated timeline, terrible ad algorithm, spammy sponsored content, and overall bad vibes. Give Mastodon a shot.

The Mighty Honeybee Is Fighting Poverty and Deforestation in Zanzibar
On this Tanzanian archipelago, conservation and economic development are intertwined.

Best Weekend Tech Deals: Bose QuietComfort, Galaxy Note 9, iPad, Xbox One S
The best tech and gaming deals this weekend: Apple, Bose, Beats, Galaxy Note 9, Roku, and more.

Owning Guns Is Sort of Like Owning Rattlesnakes
Author Michael Bishop's 'Rattlesnakes and Men' is about a town where everyone owns a dangerous ophidian.

A Costly CIA Mistake, a Campaign Hack, and More Security News This Week
New cyberwar policy, body scanners in Los Angeles, and more of the week's top security news.

A Straightforward Timeline of the FCC's Twisty DDoS Debacle
It's a complicated situation and a complicated subject. Maybe this will simplify things.

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15 ways to run a terrible website
Irritating website characteristics can annoy and drives users away from your business. See below what website design blunders you're guilty of and how to prevent them.

How to become a DevOps engineer: A cheat sheet
If you are interested in pursuing a career in DevOps and don't know where to start, here's your go-to guide for salaries, skills, and interview questions.

Xperia owners: Here's when you'll get Android Pie, and why updates take so long
The new Android software update, Android Pie, will be available to Xperia users this fall. Here's why the software rollout takes so long.

How to send a confidential email in Gmail on Android, iOS
Gmail users can set an expiration date or revoke access to messages through confidential mode. Here's how to use the feature on mobile.

Healthcare security nightmare: UK's NHS lost nearly 10K patient records last year
Despite having electronic record systems in place, 94% of NHS Trusts still use handwritten notes for patient record keeping, according to a report from Parliament Street.

AR hits brink as 86% of industrial enterprises will launch projects in the next year
Companies are rapidly deploying customer-facing augmented reality projects to improve sales, operational efficiency, and training, according to a PTC report.

​Google just put an AI in charge of keeping its data centers cool
DeepMind's neural networks will tweak data center conditions to cut power usage.

6 reasons gamification improves cybersecurity training
Experts suggest using gaming as a framework to bolster cybersecurity training for employees. Find out why.

How to manage cloud security when providers and customers share responsibility
Who is responsible for cloud security: The service provider or the customer? Many people view it as a shared-responsibility relationship. Here are best practices for managing that relationship.

How to download the macOS Mojave beta
Developers who have signed up for the macOS beta program can install macOS Mojave now. Here's what you'll need to do to get it running.

How to install the iOS 12 beta
Apple revealed iOS 12 at the WWDC 2018 keynote. Here's how to install it.

Amazon Web Services: A cheat sheet
This comprehensive guide about AWS covers the expansive cloud services offered by Amazon, common use cases and technical limitations, and what to know when adopting this technology.

5 mobile apps to help you stay healthy and fit at the office
It can be tough to stay active when you have a desk job. Here are five apps for Android and iOS that can help.

Microsoft: 5 tips for developers to reduce malware false positives
Digitally signing files and keeping a good reputation are among the best practices Microsoft lays out for developers.

Black Hat 2018: Connecting cars to enhance the way we drive
Thomas Mackenzie, associate partner at X-Force Red at IBM, talks about the importance of connecting communication technologies between vehicles at Black Hat 2018.

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If you’re still using a fax machine for ‘security’ think again
While the human race, by and large, has moved on from fax machines, they're still out there. The medical and real estate industries still cling to the technology -- possibly because they believe its more secure or an easier way to get a signature fro...

Dell's Alienware desktops get upgraded with NVIDIA's RTX graphics
Dell is wasting no time keeping up with NVIDIA's latest graphics cards. At Gamescom today, the company announced that its Alienware Aurora tower and Area 51 flagship desktop will get NVIDIA's new GeForce RTX GPUs, including the high-end RX 2080 Ti. D...

Dell’s new gaming monitors focus on high refresh rates
Gamers that want a top-level monitor but don't have Alienware money lying around should take a look at Dell's forthcoming monitor line-up. The 24inch FHD and 27inch QHD models boast pretty high refresh rates -- 144Hz and 155Hz respectively -- and low...

NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 2080 leapfrogs the 1080 Ti for $800
NVIDIA has unveiled its new Turing-powered mainstream gaming performance graphics card, the GeForce RTX 2080. As rumored, it's built using 12-nanometer manufacturing and packs 8GB of cutting-edge GDDR6 memory, offering 14 Gbps speeds, 2944 CUDA cores...

'Transference' demo gives a taste of Elijah Wood's PSVR thriller
The Elijah Wood-backed mind-bender Transference is due to arrive September 18th, but you don't have to wait until then (or spend hard-earned cash) to see if it lives up early buzz. Ubisoft and SpectreVision have released a prequel demo, The Walter T...

NVIDIA's $1,199 RTX 2080 Ti is the fastest GeForce card ever
You've seen the leaks, but today at Gamescom NVIDIA officially announced its new line of RTX video cards. And, thanks to the company's new Turing hardware, they're just as crazy powerful as you'd expect. The top of the line is the RTX 2080 Ti, which...

Apple pulls 25,000 gambling apps from China's App Store after pressure
Apple is once again removing apps in response to Chinese government pressure, although under somewhat different circumstances this time around. State media reports that Apple pulled 25,000 gambling apps from China's App Store after a bevy of media o...

'Diablo III' on Switch is a comprehensive, faithful port
Rumors were swirling for weeks ahead of Blizzard's heavily hyped Diablo announcement on Wednesday. Were we to see a potential spin off series, perhaps an all-new sequel to the long-running franchise? Nope, because Diablo III is coming to the Nint...

Weird Al's first journey into VR is a short called 'Shady Friend'
Weird Al is set to make his VR debut, Variety reports, starring alongside Nick Rutherford (Dream Corp LLC), Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights) and former SNL writer Nick Kocher in a short film called Shady Friend. The short centers on a heartbroken ma...

Watch NVIDIA's GeForce RTX launch right here at 12PM ET!
By holding a rare solo press conference at Gamescom 2018, NVIDIA is offering a pretty good clue about what it will announce. Thanks to the inevitable leaks, we know it'll likely take the wraps off its latest consumer gaming graphics cards, including...

Giphy's redesigned homepage puts GIF Stories in the spotlight
Giphy has been growing beyond its roots as a GIF warehouse, but you wouldn't know that if you've looked at the wave of largely unrelated animations on its home page in the past few years. The company is addressing that today by launching a redesigne...

‘Minecraft: Education Edition’ arrives on iPad in September
Minecraft: Education Edition is heading to the iPad and educators will have access to it starting next month. The education version of the game launched in 2016 and Microsoft says there are now 35 million licensed users in 115 countries. "Minecraft:...

Just another day in our Sun's crazy magnetic life
Sunspots, flares and other solar activity show the sun's wild side, but we never see the massive forces that cause them. Now, scientists from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) have created a visualization of the powerful magnetic fields that cr...

The apps and services we recommend for students
So you bought a laptop and phone to take with you to college. But hardware is only as useful as the software it runs, right? Included in our 2018 back-to-school guide are the apps and services that will make students' lives a bit easier. There's Drop...

Japan trials AI and robots to boost English skills in schools
Under pressure to improve English skills among both teachers and students, Japan's Ministry of Education is turning to robots, according to NHK. Beginning in April, the ministry will launch a trial that will put English-speaking AI robots in around 5...

Pepsi buys SodaStream for a future beyond cola
Traditional soda brands are facing tough times right now, as consumers move away from sugary soft drinks to healthier, low-cal options. Pepsi has already tried to diversify away from its fizzy cola roots with Aquafina water, and more recently, sparkl...

The PC games and accessories we recommend to students
Once you've got your classes and living situation squared away, it's time to plan out the next crucial part of your academic year: gaming. If you've opted to play on PC, you face a daunting flood of titles, peripherals and components. And most likely...

Fitbit Charge 3 hands-on: Better controls come with a trade-off
I recently set my mom up with a Fitbit Charge 2 and had to go to great lengths to explain how to use its pseudo touchscreen. "You have to tap it, but really hard, more like jab at it," I told her, as she poked at the device. "Aim for the logo...

Huawei caught passing off DSLR pictures as phone camera samples
Huawei doesn't have the best track record when it comes to advertising. Campaigns for both its P8 and P9 phones were revealed to be at least a little dishonest, and it seems the advertising around its newest launch, the Nova 3, falls into the same ca...

Aston Martin is re-making James Bond's DB5, spy gadgets included
Aston Martin is creating a limited edition version of the definitive James Bond car, the 1964 Aston Martin DB5. In collaboration with James Bond film producer EON Productions, the automaker will build 25 "Goldfinger DB5s," with a straight-six, 282 ho...

The Morning After: The Netflix review purge
Hey, good morning! Over the weekend, we explained how Marvel's Thanos was made to 'feel' alive, a weird-ass looking mouse of the future and why Twitter is reluctant to fight fake news.

The latest Philips Hue lighting kits bring color to your walls
Signify's Philips Hue lights can certainly be used to illuminate your walls, but they're not usually meant for it. Even LightStrips are intended more as accents than room-defining centerpieces. That's where the company's latest kits might come to the...

Autonomous drones will help stop illegal fishing in Africa
Drones aren't just cracking down on land-based poaching in Africa -- ATLAN Space is launching a pilot that will use autonomous drones to report illegal fishing in the Seychelles islands. The fliers will use computer vision to identify both the nat...

Russia won't replace its aging Proton rocket before 2024
Russia has been using variants of Proton rockets in its space program since 1965, and the design is showing its age. For starters, every launch is an environmental mess -- Proton uses toxic chemicals where newer rockets have moved on to cleaner fuels...

Logitech's vertical mouse could save your wrist
There's a good chance you're holding your mouse wrong. Maybe you're gripping it too hard, or your hand is just at a bad angle. While mouse-related injuries are fairly common, if you're experiencing wrist or arm pain regularly, it's probably time to l...