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Big Tech's Fight for Net Neutrality Moves Behind the Scenes
Google, Facebook, and others didn't join a "Red Alert" day earlier this month, but they are backing a lawsuit to restore net neutrality rules.

Puppy Brain Scans Could Help Pick the Best Dog Bomb Sniffers
Researchers are working to identify behavioral and neurological indicators that determine which lil puppers will grow into good bomb-sniffing doggos.

A Classical Math Problem Gets Pulled Into Self-Driving Cars
A century ago, the great mathematician David Hilbert posed a probing question in pure mathematics. A recent advance in optimization theory is bringing Hilbert’s work into the modern world.

Space Photos of the Week: Meet TESS, the Exoplanet Hunter
NASA's satellite takes on the exploratory work of the Kepler mission, which so far has discovered more than 2,000 planets orbiting other stars.

VR Headsets That Will Transport You, Wherever the Destination
Whether you’re beaming up to the *Enterprise* or crashing your friend’s destination wedding from your sofa, these headsets take you there.

T-Mobile Web Portal Exposed 74 Million Accounts, and and More Security News This Week
Hacking back, Trump's poor security hygiene and more of the week's top security news.

What Would Mind-Reading Really Be Like?
Telepathy has been a common trope in sci-fi for decades, but how would it work if it was real?

Israel's Self-Flying 'Cormorant' Whisks Soldiers to Safety
Tactical Robotics' autonomous aircraft may not look too cool, but it might make battlefields safer, and eventually help civilians fly around town.

How Social Media Became a Pink Collar Job
When companies ask for sociable, flexible, compassionate workers, they’re silently signaling women to sign-on to an undervalued job that powers the digital economy.

Gadget Lab Podcast: The Very Human Element of Self-Driving Cars
WIRED’s Alex Davies and Aarian Marshall join this week’s Gadget Lab podcast to talk all things transportation–and yes, that includes Elon Musk.

Former Trump Campaign Aide: My Russia Ties Are Not Nefarious!
Michael Caputo is helping launch a video startup that involves a bunch of Russians. He’s also sending a Russian ballerina on tour. But that doesn’t make him a Putin stooge, he insists.

How Europe's GDPR Regulations Became a Meme
Internet users fed up with flooded inboxes are turning wonky policy changes into Twitter gold.

3 Laptops Powerful Enough to Take Your Gaming On the Go
Don’t leave your latest gaming obsession at your desk. With these powerful laptops, you can level up wherever, whenever.

The Physics of Accelerating Spacecraft in *The Expanse*
There are no pew-pew lasers or faster-than-light space travel here—just serious science.

Uber's Self-Driving Crash, Elon's Twitter Rage, and More Car News This Week
Plus: updates on Tesla Model 3 production, Porsche's new Cayenne hybrid, and college kids make the Camaro into a tree-hugging muscle car.

'Meaty,' 'Broad Band' and 10 More Books You Must Read This Summer
Fiction. Nonfiction. Science! Looking for some beach reads? This list is a good place to start.

Four Rules for Learning How to Talk To Each Other Again
Leading an evidence-based life just might help us have a less-polarized national conversation.

What to Think About Before Buying a Used Smartphone
New isn’t always better, but there are three key things to consider before you take the pre-owned plunge.

How the Media Helped Legitimize Extremism
A new study, by a respected scholar on internet culture, winds up a penetrating indictment of journalism's internal inconsistencies.

Inconvenient Minifauna and the Invasion of the Hammerhead Flatworms
Based on the amount of media attention they’re getting, the worms might work to bring attention to the upending of ecosystems by invasive species.

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5-year-old IoT attack resurfaces, puts millions of devices at risk
IoT chip manufacturer Z-Wave reportedly fixed issues with its pairing process that allowed attackers to hijack internet-connected devices, but one security firm completely circumvented it.

How to get a free month trial of upgraded iCloud storage
Think you might want to use iCloud to backup your business records? This trial will help you test drive it for free.

How to prevent problems with remote desktop authentication after recent updates to Windows servers
The problem appears to be caused by a May 2018 update and affects connectivity with Windows virtual systems.

Poin2 Chromebook 14: An affordable, high-quality Chromebook for daily business use
A small startup from South Korea delivers a 14" full HD touchscreen Chromebook built for daily use.

Business pros can take calls in HTC VR systems
HTC's Vive Focus is getting a number of updates, including the ability to receive calls, social notifications, and messages from a paired smartphone.

Firefox will soon protect you from websites that mine cryptocurrency on your computer
Tracking protection, a standard part of Firefox, is getting several improvements in Firefox 63, due out in October.

Siri may become a better business tool by giving smart replies to declined calls
A new Apple patent application shows how Siri could offer a reason as to why someone's call was declined via text message.

No, Alexa isn't spying on you, but be careful with sensitive conversations
A Portland couple claim that their Amazon Echo arbitrarily recorded a conversation and sent it to someone in their contact list.

Why home decor could be augmented reality's killer app
AR and VR are gaining popularity, but still haven't achieved mainstream use. Home furnishings and real estate could help change that, said roOomy's Taylor Wilding.

Skyrocketing smartphone prices leading more users to buy refurbished devices
A new IDC report predicts the used smartphone market will hit $52.7 billion over the next five years, with the average resale price reaching $180.

With update, Google Lens could be an essential AI tool for business travelers
Google Lens allows users to point their smartphone camera at something and get instant information on it from the web.

T-Mobile data breach shows importance of securing internal tools
A flaw in T-Mobile's website allowing anyone to access customer data highlights the need for internal audits and authentication.

NanoPC-T4: A powerful Raspberry Pi alternative without the bottleneck issues
FriendlyELEC's NanoPC-T4 includes support for NVMe-linked M.2 SSDs, solving I/O bottleneck issues and offering a more stable platform for professionals.

Why Qualcomm's Snapdragon 710 could bring AI power to even more smartphones
The platform series aims to bring high-end tech to affordable devices.

How to implement a suggestion box system for your company's analytics
Sometimes the best ideas for new metrics come from front-line workers, not management.

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Diamond 'guitar' strings could lead to quantum computer memory
Quantum computers need memory to perform tasks like their conventional counterparts, but it's hard to create that memory when it only takes nearby vibrating atoms to lose all their data. Scientists may have a clever solution, though: tune diamond li...

Atari co-founder Ted Dabney dies
The game industry has lost one of its most influential early figures. Ted Dabney, who co-founded Atari along with Nolan Bushnell, has died after deciding against treatment for esophageal cancer. He and Bushnell created Atari's predecessor Syzygy in 1...

Apple leaves door open for Steam Link's release on iOS
Just because Apple rejected Steam Link for iOS doesn't mean your dreams of PC-to-iPhone game streaming are finished. Apple senior VP Phil Schiller has been emailing Steam users with word that it will "continue to work with" Valve on developing a Stea...

Tesla denies exaggerating Model 3 production prowess
Tesla has asked a federal court in San Francisco to dismiss a securities fraud lawsuit filed by shareholders, which accuses the automaker of lying about its ability to mass produce the Model 3 sedan. The lawsuit, filed in October, alleges that Tesla...

Egypt bans YouTube for one month over 2012 anti-Islamic video
Egypt is about to act on its longstanding threat to temporarily ban YouTube. The country's highest administrative court has ruled that officials must block the streaming video site for a month (along with "all" links playing the video) after it allo...

iPhones will reportedly get the power to unlock doors using NFC
Your iPhone's NFC chip will soon have the ability open your house's and car's doors, as well as pay for your fare, according to The Information. The tech giant is reportedly gearing up to introduce a huge update for its devices' near-field communicat...

Richard Branson plans to visit space in 'months'
It's no secret that Richard Branson would like to go to space aboard Virgin Galactic's ships. However, it's now clear that he's eager to hasten the process. The tycoon told BBC Radio 4 that he expects his flight to be "months away, not years away,"...

After dropping $18,000 worth of phones, these are the toughest
We all know that feeling. You're walking along the street, answering a text message, when someone bumps you, and your phone goes flying onto the concrete. Will your phone hold up, or will it crack under the pressure?

Seagate's hard drive/battery fanny pack is made for VR
In addition to the major software update for the Vive Focus standalone VR headset yesterday, HTC also unveiled the Seagate VR Power Drive which, as the name suggests, is a hybrid of a power bank and a portable hard drive. This isn't an entirely new i...

Ask Engadget: Is Instagram creeping on my kid?
The support shared among readers in the comments section is one of the things we love most about the Engadget community. Over the years, we've known you to offer sage advice on everything from Chromecasts and cameras to drones and smartphones. In fac...

How GDPR is affecting the games you love
The tech world has been bracing for a new set of European privacy rules that go into effect: the General Data Protection Regulation, better known as GDPR. Companies will have either changed how they handle their EU users' personal data or face seriou...

Traeger Timberline 850 review: BBQ goes high tech
Good barbecue is a slow process. And I'm not talking about grilling. I'm talking about real BBQ -- the "low and slow" smoking of beef, chicken, pork and a whole host of other foods. Walk into any reputable barbecue restaurant and the pitmaster will t...

The Morning After: Weekend Edition
Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to the weekend. Along with our highlights from the past week, we have good news for fans of The Expanse and a look at Alexa's big mistake.

'The Wolf Among Us' season two delayed into 2019
It has been nearly four years since The Wolf Among Us wrapped up its original episodic run, but fans will have to wait a bit longer for a follow-up. Telltale Games announced that season two is delayed from its original late-2018 release window into 2...

Jeff Bezos announces Amazon is picking up 'The Expanse'
It's been a few days since reports indicated Amazon was close to a deal that would extend the life of sci-fi series The Expanse, and tonight at a National Space Society event Jeff Bezos made it official. Alcon Entertainment makes the show, which is c...

Leaked Facebook documents show its shifting hate speech policies
Over the last year or so, Facebook's public statements have reflected the ongoing process of its moderation policies, both when it comes to election fraud and the even pricklier issue of hate speech. Now, beyond its publicly available Community Stand...

Two French teens arrested for hacking Taylor Swift's and Drake's music videos
Back in April, hackers managed to deface YouTube music videos by Drake, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Shakira and others (including Despacito, the reigning king of views on the platform). The infiltrators swapped out their thumbnails and titles with ince...

Japan-only 'Double Dragon' game comes to the Super NES this summer
It might be time to dust off that old Super NES, especially if you're a Double Dragon fan -- on July 19th, you can check out a version of Super Double Dragon that wasn't available in North America before now.

Senators investigate safety procedures for autonomous cars
Just a day after the NTSB released its preliminary findings on the Uber crash in Arizona, senators Edward J. Markey and Richard Blumenthal began an investigation into safety protocols for driverless car testing. In a letter sent to major auto manufac...

Apple pledges to disclose government app takedown requests
Tech titans have been refining and expanding their transparency reports: Google made its biannual documents easier to read, while Facebook added inquiries related to copyright, trademark and counterfeiting. Today, Apple released their report, and nes...

Samsung adds FreeSync to its latest TVs for smoother gaming
If you have a 2018 Samsung QLED TV or the NU8000 LED TV, your gaming endeavors should look cleaner after a recent firmware update. Samsung confirmed to Engadget that the update applies to the Q6FN, Q7FN, Q8FN and Q9FN QLED models, as well as the NU80...

San Francisco temporarily removes electric scooters for permit process
San Francisco is about to end its electric scooter scourge... for a while. The city's Municipal Transportation Agency has posted its permit application for companies wanting to operate e-scooters under a one-year pilot program and accompanying law, s...

The bogus expert and social media chicanery of DC’s top cyber think tank
Like viruses, cybersecurity charlatans are incidental guests in the body of infosec. These men sell false expertise, conspiracy theories, and invisible security potions and they are as unintentionally hilarious as they are alarming. Case in point: Bu...

The best air conditioner
By Liam McCabe This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, it may earn affiliate commissions that support its work. Read the full article here. After six summers...

Trump administration tells Congress it has deal to save ZTE
The US government should soon act on its promise to give ZTE another chance following its revived export ban. The New York Times has learned that the Trump administration has informed Congress of a Commerce Department deal that would let ZTE take Ame...